Ashtabula County

Discover the breathtaking beauty and rich history of Ashtabula County, nestled along 26 miles of stunning Lake Erie shoreline in Ohio. Experience the vibrant Ashtabula Harbor District, explore charming covered bridges, and indulge in world-class wineries and local breweries. Visit Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio's First Summertime Resort, and enjoy a luxurious stay at Hearthside Grove Lake Erie while immersing yourself in the abundant recreational activities and diverse cultural events this region has to offer.
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Experience the Magic of Ashtabula County

Witness the mesmerizing sunsets over Lake Erie and explore the stunning Geneva State Park. Ashtabula County, a picturesque and historically rich destination, spans 26 miles of beautiful shoreline and is home to Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio's First Summertime Resort.

Discover the Ashtabula Harbor District

Where the Ashtabula River meets Lake Erie, uncover a vibrant entertainment district filled with historic buildings, local retail shops, and eclectic restaurants. Immerse yourself in history as you learn about the Underground Railroad's significant role in the area during the 19th century. Don't miss the Beach Glass Festival, Wine & Walleye Festival, and The Arts on Bridge Street.

Indulge in Wineries, Breweries, and Distilleries

Hearthside Grove Lake Erie, Ohio's premier Luxury Motorcoach Resort, is minutes away from picturesque wineries producing world-class wines. For the beer and spirit enthusiasts, explore two micro-breweries and two distilleries known for their artisanal creations.

Explore Ashtabula's Iconic Covered Bridges

Ashtabula County boasts 19 covered bridges, monuments to artisanal woodworking and traditional engineering, including the longest and shortest covered bridges in the United States.

Outdoor Adventures: Birding, Fishing, and More

Conneaut, a haven for birders and fishermen, offers migration routes for hundreds of bird species and is home to America's #1 steelhead trout stream. Enjoy kayaking, paddleboarding, or fishing for walleye in the abundant rivers and lakes.

Experience Ashtabula County Firsthand

Hearthside Grove Lake Erie invites you to call Ashtabula County home, near the lakeside and the charming Village of Geneva-on-the-Lake. Discover dining, entertainment, and numerous attractions in Ashtabula County and Northeast Ohio.
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